New Members Are Leaving Medium: Do We Have to Panic?

The change in the Algorithm and ineffective display of story feeds are also part of the problems.

Joseph N. Aburu
2 min readSep 30, 2022


New Members Are Leaving Medium: Do We Have to Panic?
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Right now, things are certainly changing on Medium and many people are fading up. Despite the ongoing changes, I want you to save these words at the bottom of your heart:

"Life is always not a bed of roses."

There are times life gives memorable roses and there are moments life gives you some painful drills. That's what is going-on on Medium right now!

But one thing I had always believed is that the beauty of life is defined by its hurdles and victory. Before becoming victorious in all you do, you must first conquer the hurdles on your way.

In my opinion, I think life wouldn't have been meaningful without challenges.

Furthermore, one interesting fact about becoming triumphant is that at every level of your career success, you must encounter another tougher barrier. So long as you continue to succeed, you'll experience more worst challenges than you ever faced — that's life for you!

With what is happening to Medium right now, you may want to quit trying and give up!

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” — Dale Carnegie.

Now, it seems there's no hope for Medium due to the current challenge. But I tell you, don't lose hope. Be firm at heart, adapt to the changes, and wait patiently for a better Medium.

Final Takeaway

Don't worry about new members leaving. Everyone has the right to leave if he/she is not satisfied with what is coming to the table. There's a possibility that a new member may leave because of poor customer support service or not getting valuable information, etc.

However, I wish they could stay — but what would you do if someone has made up his/her mind? Above all, keep in mind that things will change over time and get better.

Don't panic. Just adapt — period!

What is your experience with the current challenge on Medium so far?

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