Atavist: A Magazine That Pays up to $6000 Per Article

They’ll pay you even if you’re not an established writer!

Joseph N. Aburu
4 min readSep 28, 2022
Photo by Marcus Aurelius From Pexels

One thing about freelancing is that you're going to face some troubles with knowing where you can send your pitch, and getting accepted.

Especially when you've little experience, you'll be like a person who is sitting on a pale office chair with a desktop/laptop right before the foresight, placing both hands on the chin and just gawking at the screen.

"Damn! I'm stuck. I don't know where to navigate to. I want to make sweet bucks for writing articles," this is how you may feel.

Sometimes you may feel like, "Would I even make a penny? Would people be interested in my kind of story? How long will it take for me to succeed?" All of these and many more questions may arise in your mind.

As an aspiring writer who aims to make money from writing, you'll always have some doubtful questions running inside your mind. However, it's human to feel so. Also, for the sake of success, it's better to be bold enough and take action.

If you'd love to write for publications/magazines, then I'll recommend you to try Atavist. Even if you're already established and still have an interest in increasing your earnings, you can consider pitching this magazine.



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