Do you love writing about health? If you do, then give it a shot

Healthline is an online media that provides health content for people's consumption. They aim to help people live happier and healthier. One truth is that the way we live our lives negatively influences our daily life sometimes. That's why we had always wanted reliable health information and Healthline is there…

You may have once been In this Position as a writer

Way back in 2017, I created a Medium account. I served only a few times posting content on Medium. All of a sudden, I stopped publishing stories on the platform. Thereafter, I went about job hunting, and finding other means of income—all because I felt that writing is highly competitive—and…

Putting your business in front of the right audience guarantees a considerable return on investments

As a marketer, If you don’t know how to put your business in front of the right audience, you are liable to fail. So, your job is to focus on what is high In demand. In regards to what is trending, Google Trends can help you figure out the most…

An In-house SEO team can help in using targeted keywords efficiently

Search Engine Optimization is trendy. Content creators, marketers, and bloggers love to leverage search engines results to increase leads. If you want to have an effective SEO strategy, you can consider building an in-house SEO team. Frankly, it's good to work alone but it's better to work as a team…

Short stories paid opportunity. If you know how to write short stories, then you are good to give it a shot

More and more people are looking for writing gigs in which they could have extra money into their wallets. Here, I'm introducing SHORT STORY to you. SHORT STORY is a digital magazine hosted on Substack. This publication is obliged to deliver interesting short stories to its subscribers. As much as…

Solarpunk is worth trying!

The Solarpunk Magazine is now accepting submissions. They accept fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art. However, the first opening will close on the 14th of January.

Submission Openings For 2022

  • January 1-14, 2022
  • March 1-14, 2022
  • May 1-14 2022
  • July 1-14, 2022
  • September 1-14, 2022
  • November 1-14, 2022

The Basic Submission Rules

  1. Avoid simultaneous submissions.
  2. They don’t accept unsolicited…

While you yearn for the money, also focus more on getting recognition.

The Victorian Writer is an in-house print magazine. They accept entries in all genres. So, this is a nice place to write and get paid. They have an editorial committee. Therefore, keep in mind that your pitch and submission will pass through the editorial team before making further decisions.


Joseph Godwin

A passionate writer with a strong desire for creative writing, content writing, and copywriting.

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