7 Paid Journals: You Can Earn From $300 — $2000 Per Article

Exploring other money-making opportunities is the best way to top up your bank account.

Joseph Godwin
4 min readJan 13


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Freelancing is so mean and exhausting.

Yet, it’s worth the shot. Besides, no good thing comes easy. A lot of sacrifices must be made and patience must play a crucial role. We all know this!

Additionally, in case you may be interested in knowing whether or not I have experience with any of these publications, just know that I have zero experience with them.

You may wonder and mumble, "since you don’t have any experience with them. Then, what’s the point of publishing this piece?"

I know vividly that a personal experience is one element that motivates others to take action. But hear me out:

I always come across this kind of opportunity. So even if I’m not interested in any of the publications, instead of just passing on them, I would rather curate and share them with other writers who might find them fascinating.

Furthermore, before you proceed to send a pitch, ensure that you read through their submission guidelines. Also, if you’ve been looking for how to write an efficient pitch, the article below will put you through it.

#1 Mobilisation Lab

For changemakers looking to have a bigger effect, Mobilisation Lab provides training in systems-based, people-powered activism. They're accommodating pitches from journos all around the world evaluating successful creative initiatives, advocating in authoritarian regimes, offline Plus online grassroots organizational techniques, and much more.

They are particularly interested in hearing from non-US/Europe/Aus voices, grassroots activists and strategists, revolutionary socialist voices, and individuals behind various connected coalitions, networks, alliances, and more. Each piece might cost between $300 and $500 for a piece of roughly 500 to…



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