5 Paid Writing Opportunities: Earn up to $1000 Per Article

Make money writing for publications.

Joseph Godwin
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As the world becomes more digitized, there are increasing opportunities for writers to monetize their craft.

Whether you’re a professional writer or someone with a passion for creating content, various platforms and publications pay writers for their work.

However, here are five paid writing opportunities that offer compensation from $100- $1000 per article.

These opportunities span a variety of topics and styles, from travel writing to personal essays and more. If you’re looking to earn money from your writing, these opportunities could be a great way to start.

Writing a pitch can a bit more challenging, but you can still check this article out to guide you through developing a short and effective pitch.

1. Trans Writes

Trans Writes is a project led by trans individuals that aims to amplify the voices of the trans community. They are constantly on the lookout for pitches on a wide range of topics including sports, entertainment, technology, video games, current events, and news.

They welcome submissions from all writers and pay up to £100 for pieces up to 1,000 words. This platform offers an excellent opportunity for trans writers to share their perspectives and experiences with a wider audience.

By creating a safe and supportive space for trans voices, Trans Writes seeks to increase representation and promote understanding of the trans community. If you are a trans writer with a story to share, this is a great platform to consider.

Go to their submission page for more information.

2. Observer

Observer is an online platform that covers business, arts, and entertainment news. As they look to expand their coverage of the arts and culture scene, they are seeking to bring in new contributors to their team.



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